Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Santa Fe Snowshoe Classic - '12

A sweet time-lapse video from Jason Halladay of Saturday's Santa Fe Snowshoe Classic up at the Norski Trails. The year's first race.

Santa Fe Snowshoe Classic Race Time Lapse from Jason Halladay on Vimeo.

I really like how the shadows move across scene along with the music. Makes me want to learn how to timelapse stuff. Obscured in the blur of movement - Santa Fe's Hadji Corona claimed the mens overall in 34min 17sec, Albuquerque's Amber Young stood atop the womens overall at 38:17. Complete results can be found here

The race is one component of this January's New Mexico Cup Series. The next race(s) is this weekend's 40th Annual Chama Chile Ski Classic - multiple ski, snowshoe, and combined racing spanning Saturday and Sunday. At minimum it's a helluva good excuse to make the drive to Chama for a beer and steak at the High Country Saloon. Wicked fun. 

View Norski Trail in a larger map


  1. That is very cool. Very.

  2. It is, it's a bit transfixing isn't it.

  3. I just saw this on Facebook. I guess the sentiment has been portrayed like this before, but..:




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