Monday, April 15, 2013

Tracking New Mexican Runners at Boston

It's Patriot's Day, and the 117th running of the Boston Marathon. A beautiful morning to be sure.

I've pulled together a tracking list of Santa Fe area runners heading out from Hopkinton into Boston today. The list below ought to include all runners from Santa Fe and Los Alamos. I found no entrants from Taos, Espanola, or Las Vegas. The master list can be found here, where you can build and tailor a list of your own, or you can wander back here where I'll be updating the tracking list as the race progresses. This morning's starting list shows 80 runners from the state of New Mexico.

Are we missing someone? Let us know.
Elite leaderboard up here
Boston livestreaming can be found here
2014 New Mexico results can be found here

Through 5K at 835am:  Vin and Mike are out strong on the downhill out of Hopkinton.
Through 10K at 905am:  Vin still ripping along at 2:51 pace, Mike just under 3hr. Amanda Cola and Whitney Dreier are charging along at 3:22 pace. Kris Houghton of Abq is smoking a 2:21 pace. Kris is the winner of three titles at La Luz.
Through 20K at 940am:  Runners settling in and pulling back from their downhill aided early paces
Through 21K-30K at 1010am:  Runners spread out all over the course now. Houghton is well off his earlier pace. Los Alamos' LorenWohletz has been very steady as have Santa Fe's Amanda Cola and Whitney Dreier.
Through 25K-42K at 1045am:  Loren and Kris charge down Boylston St. to the finish. Loren just misses sub-240. The rest of the contingent tackles the challenge of the Newton Hills and Heartbreak Hill.
Through 30K-42K at 1145am:  Mike Dobesh is through with a strong new PR of 3:05. Congrats Mike. Vin is through at 3:08, good for 9th place in the Men's 55-59 age group. Outstanding. Whitney is through at 3:23. Way to go Whit.
In the Elite CompetitionAmerican Shalane Flanagan held on for a strong fourth place in the women's race at 2:27:08. Kara Goucher followed in 6th place at 2:28:11. Rita Jeptoo of Kenya was this year's champion at 2:26:25. Jason Hartmann secured a second straight fourth place finish in the men's field at 2:12:12, besting the returning champion Wesley Korir of Kenya. Unheralded Daniel Tapia nailed down a 9th place finish at 2:14:30, followed by unheralded Craig Leon at 2:14:38. Lelisa Desisa of Ethiopa was this year's champion at 2:10:22.
In the Elite Competition:  Joan Benoit-Samuelson lays out a blazing fast 2:50:33 to win the Women's 55-59 age group as well as a new age group WR by two minutes.

Extremely Unfortunate News - 5:45pm:  Horrible news obviously with the bombing. If you hadn't heard yet, at least two explosions went off at approximately 4hrs 10min into the race, located in the spectator area right at the finish line. A third explosive was found undetonated. At least two are confirmed dead. Dozens injured. All New Mexico runners appear to be accounted for but one. Updates are fluid on Facebook. A sad day for the sport and for our country. God bless the first-responders in Boston this evening.

1145am MST

1045am MST


  1. I'm glad you weren't there this time. Don't go back there for awhile.

  2. I'm also glad I wasn't there or my tax clients would have had late extension filings. No, but if anything this sorrow makes me want to return even more. The running community is tight-knit, it's all people are talking about and many, many, runners do not run marathons. This may change things.

  3. Thanks for keeping an eye on us, Kevin!

  4. Great run Whitney, and great run to Matt and a hi-five to you both. It was nice to see you two out there getting after it, and avoiding most of the drama that followed. Had to hold our breath there for a little while. Many happy miles to you this summer. -KB



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