Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pipped at the (By)Line

A cool writeup on New Mexican milers was published yesterday over at These guys do a stand-up job of promoting track via its most exciting race. They've compiled lists of all the U.S. sub-four milers; records lists; chronological and progression lists; and now lists by state.

What made the New Mexico writeup so rad was that it was my work - highlighting Aragon, Young, Maas, Krummenacker, and McNiff. Got me fired-up to see these guys get the spotlight on a more heavily trafficked corner of the web. The writeup also outlined the history and difficulties of running a sub-four mile on New Mexico soil, drawing from another post I penned just a few months ago. A shame that the article didn't link directly to my writing since I had layered in all kinds of additional detail and anecdotes and lists to ramp things up to Defcon-1 level of cool.

The story got attention, and tweets and emailed links and shares and pluses - very rewarding. All except for one glaring error right at the end of thing:

My name is not Ben.

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  1. Awesome work, Ben! ;-) The media NEVER get it right.

  2. Especially when people lift your work and submit as their own.



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