Friday, January 28, 2011

Cycling Dale Ball Trail by Starlight

Start and Finish
I took advantage of the mild winter weather to see if Dale Ball is free of snow and ice. With the exception of some tight north-facing sections it was. I also used the opportunity to see if my bike repairs would hold together - they did.

I look forward to getting out on runs/rides like this with the moon overhead. My timing was off by about a week, so I rode by starlight rather than moonlight. It was very clear out, and for that reason seemed as though it should have been much colder. It was cold enough that the sandy sections were firm and ridable and my feet froze up a bit, but very mild for near-February weather.

Cerro Gordo Rd.
Dale Ball West

Trail Junction
Used my NiteRider bike lamp which worked phenomenally. I'd stop for short breaks at trail junctions or under lamp posts to listen to the night and snap a quick photo. It was mostly silent with the occasional distant dog barking and making a fuss over the unusual sound of my bike cranking through the evening. There was almost no snow and ice until I turned onto the far west switch-backs of Dale Ball that drop down to Hyde Park Rd. Even that hardpack and ice covering was tracked with dirt, so cornering was the only maneuver that required extra caution.

Descending the switchbacks

Vestiges of winter
Not surprisingly, I didn't see anyone out. I actually didn't see or pass any cars either until my return down Canyon Rd. My loop was more or less a big Dale Ball Loop starting and finishing at Second St Brewery Railyard, where I had planned to meet Christina and a group of friends afterward for food and beer. Recovered with a Bristish Mild, mmmmm. Eh, there may have been two British Milds. Life is short.

The ride was approx. 70min, over 10mi.

Nuart - on Canyon Rd.

The Upper Crust still in Christmas lighting
Santa Fe Southern locomotive in the Railyard

The Rail Trail in lights
Refreshment and vital nutrients

View Dale Ball Trail - Canyon Rd Loop, 10mi in a larger map

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  1. Ha - those trail photos are for shit. I'll need to bring along more than my cellphone next time.



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