Saturday, February 5, 2011

Winter Weather and National XC and Steelers

Last week's fall-like weather has been done away with by Old Man Winter. He apparently is bringing the pain to make up for what he let inadvertently slip by. The bikes are back in the garage, (well one is in the living room actually), and the skis are back on deck. I plan to be up at Norski this afternoon and the Swnski track up in Los Alamos tomorrow morning.

Psyched to get out on the new snow! My man Perry Farrell knows what's up so I'll briefly defer to him..

On another quick note - the National Cross Country Championships are being run out in San Diego today. Don't know why this isn't a bigger race since cross country is the shiz. They ought to bring back Porter and Kennedy and Williams and Jennings and Drossin and just have an ol' timers race to show these young pups what they're missing. The starting list shows Ben Fletcher, unattached out of Santa Fe. Hopefully Ben can take it to a few of these dudes. In any case, it looks like there will be a live webcast here. Cheers, go Stillers.

View Norski Trail in a larger map

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  1. Results from Nationals: Jeremy Johnson of Albuquerque finished 14th, just behind the big dogs; Santa Fe's Ben Fletcher ran 47th (top six travel to Spain for World XC). The WINGS teams were out there competing in the Junior divisions, no Santa Feans that I know of.



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