Friday, February 11, 2011

Training for Success with Self-Delusion

Another weekend has come around, another week past (passed?). I'm still too big of a wuss to test my leg on the running trails but the biking swimming and skiing are coming along well, which is to mean that my winter has been great even without the running.

I decided several weeks ago that rather than torture myself rehabbing in the pool I would instead be 'training' for a triathlon. My senses much prefer this mental slight of hand and now when in the pool I visualize stomping dudes. When I'm on the bike trainer now I visualize stomping dudes, embarrassing other riders by flying by and blowing their friggin' doors off. Rehab is lame, self-delusion awesome. Getting out on the ski trails during the weekend brings it all together for me. Then I set down, and write it all down here attaching a few images and pictures. It honestly builds a lot of motivation for the next week where, incidentally, I plan to be stomping crowds of imaginary dudes in the pool and on the trainer in front of my television.

My Steelers crapped the bed last week which was quite unfortunate. Better news, March Madness will be here soon and both the Irish and the Pitt Panthers are playing well. Even sooner than that, Enchanted Forest is hosting the New Mexico Cup this weekend. I won't be there but the SWNordic crew plans to be so watch the hell out. Next week is the Mt Taylor Quadrathlon. Been wanting to run in that for years and have just never got the timing right. Should be super competitive again this year, there are cash prizes for the top three men and women. If anyone is competing let me know, I know Lucy Ranney has her snowshoes ready for the summit leg. Juniper Hunter is probably running, and there are usually a few local teams that make the drive.

A couple final notes -
  • Tim Wise over at I Heart Singlespeed put together the NM outdoors post of the week. Made me want to drive to 'Burque to ride, have a beer or two, and build a pizza oven in my yard. 
  • Apparently February is Belgian beer month at the Second St Brewery, which merits my unqualified approval.
  • And a fine video for the weekend of trials legend Danny MacAskill riding through (and over) Scotland.  I've watched it at least a dozen times already but it never gets less awesome. Get out and enjoy the weekend...

music by Loch Lemond, and the Jezabels

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