Monday, February 21, 2011

Moonlight Skiing the Valles Caldera - Rescheduled

The Valles with better conditions and clearer skies
Tried to take advantage of the full moon this weekend with some moonlight skiing in the Valles Caldera. Ran into a couple unforseen problems - 1) The moon was obscured by clouds until after 9pm, 2) There was little skiable snow after a week of 60degree temps, 3) There was a howling wind storm. We did note a Nordic trailhead just east of the Valles on Highway 4 for future outings (conditional on a few winter storms). Christina and I bailed on the skiing/hiking and ended up at the Canyon Bar, notable because it's the first bar of any kind I've found in Los Alamos after a month of active searching. This place was awesome, a dive bar in the truest sense albeit with Sierra Nevada, Fat Tire, and Deschutes on tap.  Maybe not the place to grab a bite to eat though. After a beer we went down the road to the Los Alamos Sonic (possibly the best place to eat in L.A. aside from El Parasol), a must-stop for their hot fudge sundaes and onion rings.

Other notes from the weekend -
  • I got out for my first run of the year on Saturday. Herman and I ran six miles out-and-back on the Spur Trail. The weather was great, there was some severe head-winds on a couple small stretches to test our strength. The legs feel sore in a way that swimming and biking can't replicate. It was very nice to be back out on the running trails although there was a bit of anxiety. Hopefully the body will cooperate and respond well.
  • The Mt. Taylor Quadrathlon was held Saturday out in Grants. Colorado athletes stole the show with a 1-2-3 finish in the Men's solo division (3hr 33min won the overall), and 1-2 in the women's solo. Tamsen Schurman of El Prado held the last podium spot for New Mexico with a 4hr 55min finish good for third place.
  • The US Indoor Track & Field Championships is being held in Albuquerque this coming weekend, not that you'd know that from any marketing or advertising or pretty much anything. I plan to be there at least for Sunday's events.
  • I've been rocking to The Mighty Mighty Bosstones this week, but their videos suck badly. So I'll leave you with The Selecter who also knock out some high cadence tunes. These guys help me get my attitude straight if I find myself procrastinating before a workout. Rock more, procrastinate less.

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