Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nordic Skiing Pajarito - Los Alamos

Hiking the top of the Front Hill
I skied Los Alamos a couple weeks back and was really blown away by the fantastic Nordic track they have layed out just north of Pajarito. At that time the conditions for skiing just weren't very good but with the new snow last week I couldn't wait to get back up there. After skiing at Norski across the valley the evening before, I was fairly amazed that Los Alamos had almost no new snow except for the inch that had fallen the evening before. With totals of 23" and 4" from the week's storms up at Ski Santa Fe, Pajarito was plainly robbed.  Didn't see that coming. It looked like Tuesday's storm left a bit more for the coming weekend.

Looking south off the hill towards Pajarito

Across the valley through the scars of the Cerro Gordo fire. It was snowing down in Pojoaque

No matter, the 1in. of new snow was sorely needed and the wonderfully maintained track skied great. I actually had first tracks during my loops which was a little unexpected. Was it the snow or the cold temps? Not so much, it turns out half the SWNSki crew was up rocking Crested Butte and their annual Alley Loop Race.

Enjoying the small bit of fresh snow

Canada Bonita

Just before the turn around, looking west to the Valles Grande

Skied out to the turn around in 50min., returned on the multi-use trail in 20min. Headed back out to explore the trail connectors and switchbacks for another 25min. I decided that in addition to the groomed ski tracks, what really  makes this such an enjoyable trail is the broad skating area next to the track. I also noticed that in addition to the designated nordic trails, there are also flagged snowshoe trails that split off from the main multi-use trail. They head out to canyon overlook points to the north.

Loads of fun. Can't wait to give it another go this weekend.

Light on the way back

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  1. yes, Pajarito did totally get robbed on that storm. I think Pojoaque got more snow than we did! Glad you enjoyed the skiing. We got another 5-6 inches yesterday and some still coming down right now. Should keep our trails nice another few weeks even w/o any more snow (not that we couldnt use more! :)

  2. More snow is almost never a bad thing. Best of luck to you all at Enchanted Forest this weekend. I hope to make it back up to Pajarito on Sunday for a few laps. Can't wait.



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