Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sunrise Cross Laps at Ski Santa Fe

Open Slope at dawn
Lap skiing before work this morning. The early light is going to disappear next week with the time change so there's no sense in finding excuses to put off an outing for another few days. The snow up there on the loop is terrific because it's graded and groomed every day, nonetheless it's damn difficult to distract oneself from the obvious lack of snow every where but beneath your skis. That right there is what 30yrs of alpine skiing will do to your mindset. Foolishness.

The laps around Totemoffs are maybe 800m 600m of climbing then a quick 800m 600m descent down Easy Street. I skied off four laps, then thinking better of a fifth since it was time to head home I climbed 1/3 of the way up Easy Street and descended. Just about to wrap it up I thought, 'damn, I've got to leave this to go into work? To hell with that', and I skied another loop. I am proud of this. My judgment is sound.

Skate tracks

Tried to grab a burrito on the way into work and found out that both Kaune's and Chicago Dog Express don't open before 8am. Too bad. Recovered with some muffins and a hot cinnamon roll at Dulce. Yum. Time to throw down some tax intervals, endurance training of a different sort.

Sunrise over the valley, Tetilla Peak-R, Cerrillos Hills and Sandia Peak-L

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  1. pretty morning! Courderoy reminds me of the excel model I was working on this morning, nooooo....

  2. That's a below average image-association you have put together there. I guess I could imagine skiing through Excel worksheets in some kind of Tron dream. If Jeff Bridges was there it might be cool, but The Dude Jeff Bridges not the wanker Tron-scientist Jeff Bridges.



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