Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Years in the Sierras

Squaw Valley's Olympic Rings
End of year generally means that I'm roaming a warehouse somewhere counting inventory. Living the dream sons! Ah, but for the second straight year the warehouse on my schedule was located near Tahoe, CA, so my off-days became a snowy wonderland of awesome. 

Set up base camp in Truckee where more than three feet of snow fell earlier in the week. I literally clicked into my nordic setup and skied off the porch and into the woods on several evenings. That, is living the dream.

Turns on the downhill slopes of Squaw Valley on New Years Day with the Desert Babe, where I snapped the sweet photo to your left there. 

This brings me around to a bit of trivia that I have dutifully researched: The US has hosted the Winter Olympics four times since their inception in 1924. Squaw Valley hosted in 1960. Without looking it up - who can tell me where and when were the other three US-hosted Winter Olympiads?

Leave your best guess in the comments. I'll add the answer Friday evening although I'm sure curiosity will get the better of the guesser well before then.

Sunset at Squaw

Sunrise in the Sierras


  1. no looking..gots Lake Placid and Salt Lake??

  2. Lake placid twice, no? And SLC...

  3. Yes, solid guesses here. I believe I see a trend...

  4. Trivia answer: Not a lot of suspense here - Lake Placid, NY in 1932 and 1980 (the Miracle on Ice!), Squaw Valley in 1960, and Salt Lake in 2002. Thank you Wonton and Tarik for your steely-minded responses.

    I think Summit Co. Colorado may put in a bid for 2020 or 2024, they're trying to tie it into a costly train project that runs along I-70 to cut down on the traffic and road time up to the mountains. Sochi Russia is the host next winter - an odd choice since until they built one for the Olympics there was no ski hill. There is also no tradition of nordic sport there. This stands in contrast to Lillehammer Norway who hosted the best winter Olympics of all time back in 1994.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful working vacation, or vacation.

    I wished I'd gotten here in time to answer the trivia question. I'm not saying you're not right, but didn't Bing Crosby host them once?



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