Monday, October 25, 2010

The Dale Ball Buster - Santa Fe, NM

Batman - followed by Herman and Chad Thompson
Sunday morning's Dale Ball Buster rumbled through the trails east of town free of incident.  The route circled the north Dale Ball Loop, then south on the east Dale Ball leg to the reservoirs, then up the north side of Picacho, up-and-over both Picacho and Atalaya mtns, and descending down to the St. John's arroyo. Distance of about 12.5 miles, the front group finished in about 2hr 15min although I don't know how hard they were hammering considering the cookie and gatorade stop along the way. 

Katie and Steve provide some last minute logistics
The New Balance crew was there with demo models - Gretel, Steve, & Craig

A cross-section of our somewhat costumed field
Thanks again to Steve and Katie for putting on the run and hosting the after-party.  Altogether we had a few missing faces but otherwise a regular who's-who of the local distance community.  The weather cooperated just long enough for the crowd to mill about and scarf down burgers and dogs provided by the Striders.  Prizes were given out by Wild Earth Guardians.

Our camera crapped-out at the finish line so with the exception of photos from the bbq, here's what we've got.

 - Photo Album 1 - K. Brennan
 - Hadji Corona has a large photo album up here 
 - Jacob has a run report over at the Santa Fe Trail Runner here.

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  1. thanks for posting the pics - had a blast - the beer at the aid station was fun, a little crazy, but fun.

  2. Haha, were there no beers at the aid station I would have thought the whole thing a bit suspect. Awesome day. I'm adding a link to another photo album for you to cruise through.



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